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About Gadget Of Year

Calvin Rogalski

Hi, I am Calvin Rogalski an Aeronautical Engineering student and a tech guy. I love spending my time around computers and gadgets. During my spare time, I find different gadgets, play with them, and explore their functions and secrets.


I am an avid gamer and enjoy spending my time happily in front of my computer, playing games.

Why Gadgetofyear?

I created Gadget Of Year website in Jan 2020, the reason when I was in college during Science lecturer I learned 75% world is in love gadgets, So I made this site to help them to find Best Apple AirPods Review, AirBar Information, etc to buy from Amazon, not only for buy, I also share pieces of information of Gadgets here to help to know what you should know before doing use. everything you will find at the Gadget Of Year. any questions you can contact me via contact us form, I will try to reply or even you can comment on related pages on the gadgetofyear.com.